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Your home is your place to escape from the world... cozy and warm in the winter, cool and refreshing in the summer.
knows it and we can help you keep your nest comfortable with a whole new system or with an upgrade to what you have...
and we’ll help you decide which is best for you. We have built long term relationships with the most respected names in heating and air conditioning.
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Central Air Conditioner

These units carry cool through ducts to every
corner of your house and as they cool the air,
they take out some humidity as well, making
summer’s hot nights and blistering days so
much more comfortable. They can be based
on conventional air conditioners or heat pumps.
Ask BELCOMFORT which is better for you.

Ductless Air Conditioner

Easy installation makes ductless air conditioners
a quick comfort solution. While gravity and
air circulation will carry cool air to other areas,
the comfort from this unit is primarily in one room
or zone in your home. For your home , office or
to sleep better at night, talk to BELCOMFORT


Furnaces have changed a lot since the growling
monsters in the basement. Today they’re whisper
quiet, clean burning, with exceptional efficiencies available,
and they don’t all need chimneys. Let BELCOMFORT
show you the value you and the environmental
gain from greater efficiency.

Indoor Air Cleaner

If your family has allergies or catches cold often,
one of these might help. They remove mold
spores, bacteria, cat dander, pollen and more
from the air in your house. When your family is
breathing in less of these irritants and pathogens,
colds and allergic reactions could decrease

Heat Pump

A furnace and an air conditioner in one, these
units pump heat out of a building in the warm
weather and pump warm air into the building
when it’s cool outside. Ground source heat
pumps can provide both heating and cooling.
can show you the most
economical system for your home.

Air Handlers

The air handler is the indoor half of a split
heating and air conditioning system. Split
systems have the air-heating and/or air-cooling
unit outside that is connected to the air handler
inside. The air handler is usually connected to
the duct system and circulates the conditioned
air through the house.

Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems

Another all-seasons-in-one unit, these packaged
systems are situated outdoors, usually on a
concrete slab near the house. BELCOMFORT
can show you whether one of these packaged
systems can solve challenges for you.


These are much more sophisticated than they
used to be. You can program them to vary the
interior temperature through the day and night
for significant savings on your energy bills.
You can even control them from your computer
or cell phone. BELCOMFORT has a wide choice
of units for you to consider.


Details in heating and air conditioning can mean
a great deal to your comfort. Furnace filters and
HEPA filters to lower the level of dust and other
allergens in the air you breathe... like humidifiers
to improve winter air, and dehumidifiers to make
summer more comfortable... like ultra violet light
systems to take care of bacteria, mold and viruses
in the air.