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Started in 1985 and purchased by the company Pronto Air a few years later, BELCOMFORT has been building a strong reputation across the GTA for more than a quarter century!

Adelino Gonçalves - President

BELCOMFORT is known in the industry, trusted by the
best brand names in home, commercial and industrial
comfort... and most important, BELCOMFORT is
trusted by homeowners and businessmen across the city.
It’s been that way for years and will continue for many
years to come.

• Professional.
• Reliable.
• Reasonable.

These are the words that describe the BELCOMFORT reputation. If you’d like an outside opinion, we’ll be happy to give you the names of customers you can call. If there is anything else you would like to know, please contact us.

Anywhere... Anytime.

You may see a lower price but please consider carefully
before you make a decision. Because the fact is, you won’t
find better value than BELCOMFORT . And you know we’ll
be around to provide the maintenance and service you need
and to honour all warranties and guarantees, to keep your
home comfortable for many years to come.

Sales and Service Calls

We have one goal: to help you choose the right heating and air conditioning equipment to make you comfortable year ’round... for many years to come.
We are not fly-by-night twisting your arm to buy something you don’t need, or of questionable quality.
We are here for the long road ahead... so we want your trust while we provide your comfort.
We want to know you’ll come back when you move or expand your business... five, ten, however many years down the road.