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BELCOMFORT technicians come to your house
with a checklist as detailed as an airline pilot’s.
Your safety and your comfort are at stake, so
they look into all the details. It’s a thorough
inspection and no details are left behind.
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Close inspection of heating equipment uncovers
leaks, soot, rust, rot, corroded electrical contacts
and frayed wires. Furnace and boilers system
inspections also include the chimney, ductwork
or pipes, dampers or valves, blower or pump,
registers or radiators.
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The fuel line and gas meter or oil tank also
get attention as well as every part of the furnace
or boiler itself. The technician will run the system
through a complete cycle to make sure there is
the right amount of combustion air and draft. He
will also check air quality for carbon monoxide.

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Cleaning the burner and heat exchanger gets
rid of the soot and gunk that builds up and
impedes efficient operation. Inspecting the fuel
flow and adjusting the flame gets you the
maximum heat from your fuel.
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For heat pumps, technicians check the
compressor, fan, indoor and outdoor coils,
refrigerant lines, and all related components
to the heat pump. They clean the coils and
check the pressure of the refrigerant.
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Blowers get the same detailed attention.
Axles are lubricated, blades cleaned, lower
motor inspected to make sure the unit isn’t
being overloaded.

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Fan belts are adjusted and replaced if
necessary. Insulation on accessible ducts in
unheated spaces is thoroughly inspected.
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Technicians drain expansion tanks in hot water
systems, clean and lubricate the circulating
pump, and bleed air out of radiators.
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Thermostats are also inspected, cleaned and
calibrated. All in all it’s a big job... but well worth
it for your peace of mind and the life of your
heating and air conditioning systems.